SNHS Pharmacy provides comprehensive prescription drug services at LRJHC and CIRHC. Each order from a medical provider within SNHS is typically filled by a pharmacy technician, and must then be checked by a pharmacist to ensure safe, effective drug therapy for you and your family members. Patient medication counseling is offered for all new prescriptions.

SNHS Pharmacy also fills prescriptions from medical providers who you see for referral specialty care, as well as orders from medical providers who may see you after hours and on weekends in urgent or emergent care settings. Those orders are filled once pharmacy is notified that your care at the outside provider has been authorized by Contract Health.

Your SNHS pharmacist is uniquely positioned as an easily accessible healthcare professional, and has the skills and qualifications to provide valuable health information for you. Please, if the need arises, know that we stand ready to assist with all of your medication questions.

Need to refill your prescriptions?
You can now request a refill of your prescriptions by clicking on the location below, where you get your prescriptions filled and filling out the electronic form.
Cattaraugus Indian Reservation
Health Center (CIRHC)
Lionel R. John
Health Center (LRJHC)
  • Pharmacy Info
    Lionel R. John Health Center

    Phone: (716) 945-8553
    Fax: (716) 945-5681

    Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Health Center

    Phone: (716) 532-5240
    Fax: (716) 532-0110 (Attn: Pharmacy)